3 Amana furnace error codes

All three codes are related to the temperature sensor, located in the vent area of the furnace.

The first code is E1, which is triggered when the sensor detects a voltage level that is too high or too low. The second code, E2, is triggered when there is a problem with the wire or connection between the sensor and power board or another component in your furnace. The third code, E3, means that there’s an issue with one of the backup components in your unit.

Amana furnaces are popular because of their high efficiency. But sometimes, these units break down. And when that happens, the error code is displayed on the screen.

There are some common error codes for Amana furnaces like 3-3, 3-4 and 3-7.

3 Amana furnace error codes are a set of numbers and letters that can help troubleshoot an issue with your furnace. These codes can help diagnose the problem before replacing or repairing the device.

Common 3 Amana furnace error codes include E0, E1, E2, and E3. The first digit (E) is used to identify the failure related to the control board, while the last three digits (0-3) refer to specific parts within the device that may have failed.