Lennox furnace error codes

Lennox furnaces provide a range of codes to identify the problem with the furnace.

Typically a user is asked to check the manual of their Lennox furnace to find out what the error code means.

Some furnaces may even tell you how to fix it with a push of a button.

A furnace has a rundown of error codes that are set into it. The information is accessed by pressing the power button on the control panel and looking at the display. Usually, the error code is displayed for a few seconds before it disappears.

The Lennox furnace error codes are some of the most common for any furnace, and addressing them before they could save you time and money.

Lennox furnaces have a variety of error codes. The four most common ones are F1, F2, E1 and E2. F1 is the error code for a system check failure, meaning something is wrong with the furnace’s startup routine. F2 is when there is an overload in the furnace control board or circuit breaker. E1 is when there might be a problem with the blower motor or an incorrect fan speed setting. And lastly, E2 represents that there might be a problem with the gas valve or flame sensor, which regulates gas flow to the burner assembly.

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