bosch boiler error 72

There is a long list of boiler manufacturers, aluminum heating manufacturers, and steam generator manufacturers and it would appear that boiler manufacturer Bosch is high up on the list according to an error code.

We have yet to find confirmation from Bosch, but Boston admits saying: “widespread model numbers E35UC15 REXXA 1972.”

A Bosch boiler could be expected to start experiencing an error like this if the following conditions are present:

bosch boiler error code 72 indicates an automatic re-synchronization of the dryer ignition oscillator part to the external power source, which is unlikely to cause problems.

The error code 72 means that an automatic re-synchronization process has occurred.

Every heating system has error codes to help homeowners tell what problems they may be having. In this article, we will give an overview of the Bosch  72 error and the steps homeowners should take if they encounter it.

Boilers breaking down at crucial times may be a common catastrophe. You might want to invest in a new one when you realize that disaster is on its way.

Bosch specializes in manufacturing boilers for commercial and industrial use, as well as for apartments. Their range includes high-efficiency gas, condensing gas, and oil fuelled condensing boilers.

A boiler’s error code 2 (72) indicates a problem with the NG Fi-O2. This code is not related to water inlet pressure or any other water-related error codes.

If the boiler’s controller automatically detects an error with the NG Fi-O2, it will shut down and need resetting in order to use the heating system again.

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