Worcester Boiler Error Code 49

Worcester has manufactured boilers for more than one hundred years, during which period it has issued millions of boilers and today some of the mainline products are still under Worcester’s Brands.

Worcester Boiler Error Code 49 is an error occurring in a digital control system with a code 49 pressurized water circulating load water heating boiler. This error is commonly preventable by performing operations 37 and 39 steps.

The Worcester error code 49 can be an indication that there is a wire inside the water tube boiler that has come loose. There could be a hole in the tube that needs to be plugged in as well. If you’re seeing this warning, safely shut off power to your boiler and contact a professional immediately to make any repairs or complete inspections of the equipment.

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Various Worcester boiler problems can affect any part. The error code 49 problem is often caused by a bad pump due to clogging or needs to be replaced. Ignoring these errors will only make the issue worse and may cause future damage.

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