Worcester boiler error code 3071

A Worcester boilers heating system detects a malfunction with the circulating Pump when they wander into an erratic pattern and then shows 3071 error codes.

Sometimes, this error will require a serious case of repairs in order to fix the pump. Common reasons for these errors are silt building up in the boiler’s circulator, debris in pipes between sections, and debris within the heating plant itself. If you experience any additional errors it is beneficial to call a certified technician as you may have larger problems and if your maintenance system has been knocked off balance by poor regulation or loss of power upstream that could also be affecting it.

A Worcester boiler error code 3071 is easy to identify and troubleshoot. First, you need a voltmeter. Before going into different thermostat levels the Worcester boiler voltage reading needs to be checked by changing amps and amps. The level at which the setting should be adjusted will appear in the backlit” fault status” screen on the controller or in manual operating procedures.

After you have made sure that it’s not just a user or sensor problem, depress buttons on the keypad that could possibly go up with the circuit breaker.

There are many different Worcester boiler error codes and they are all different, so if you can’t find what your specific code is I recommend you look it up on their website or call the support line.


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