Armstrong furnace heat sensor

The Armstrong furnace heat sensor is an external sensor that detects the temperature of the air being blown from the furnace. This measure is necessary to maintain clean burning.

The sensor can be mounted on the outside of your home or in a location that’s as close to your heating system as possible for accurate readings. If you aren’t sure where to install it, consult with a professional for advice and installation services.

The purpose of the Armstrong furnace heat sensor is to generate a signal that indicates when the temperature of the furnace is not operating within the desired range. It is typically placed in an opening in the burner box. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly, this may be due to a defective or missing heat sensor.

A furnace heat sensor is a device that monitors the amount of heat produced by your furnace.

A normal and well-functioning sensor will shut off the furnace automatically when it reaches a desirable temperature.

When this sensor malfunctions, it will continue to allow the furnace to operate even when it has reached an unsafe temperature. In such cases, you may experience short cycling on your furnace which can lead to increased energy consumption, increased utility bills, and a potential risk of fire.

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