The Armstrong furnace A96US2V070B12S

Armstrong furnaces are well known for their quality and efficiency. They have a wide range of products that suit different needs, from small living rooms to huge warehouses.

The A96US2V070B12S is an oil-fired unit with a single-stage burner. It is great for high-temperature applications and has a 90% AFUE rating.

An introduction might be:

The Armstrong A96US2V070B12S is an oil-fired residential furnace that has a single-stage burner and can easily handle high-temperature applications. This product has a 90% AFUE rating and can heat up large spas such as warehouses.

Armstrong furnace model A96US2V070B12S, is a 96% efficiency, 1.1 stage gas and air condensing furnace.

I will be discussing the use of the ATO system in a furnace as well as its ability to automatically detect and stop overheating.

An ATO system is a safety feature that automatically detects and stops the furnace from overheating. At the same time, it prevents the gas pressure from dropping below an appropriate level for safety.

The ATO system relies on the heat sensors installed in the heat exchanger. The sensor measures the temperature of each pipe and sends those readings back to a controller or HMI (human-machine interface) box that then calculates if anything is wrong or needs to be cut off before it can cause any damage.

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