The Dometic FTS-3200K is a thermostat.

This is a battery-operated thermostat for use with domestic furnaces where there is no power to operate the furnace. It can be used in place of a regular thermostat and comes equipped with an LCD screen with visible blue text on a black background.
It has three modes of operation (cooling, heating, and off) and an automatic timer that can be set between 1 hour and 24 hours of the scheduled time. The timer can also turn off at a specific time instead of just turning off after 24 hours.
When setting the temperature on this thermostat, the user must have their thumb or finger pressed against the sensor for at least 2 seconds to register any temperature change.
Furnace thermostats help you regulate the temperature in your home.
A furnace thermostat can be inexpensive and efficient to save money and reduce the energy required to heat your home. It is made up of a metal-plate resistor, which, when heated, cools, allowing the thermostat to sense changes in room temperature.
The Dometic FTS-3200K is a thermostat compatible with the Dometic Furnaces. Compatible means that it will work with the furnace and is designed to be installed near it to get readings from the temperatures of the furnace or make changes based on temperature changes.

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