furnace motherboard light code

This article will provide a list of the motherboard codes for furnaces.

In an emergency, a furnace motherboard can be used to provide information about some issues that may have occurred. This motherboard typically has four LED lights, which correspond with their corresponding labels on the circuit board.

The furnace motherboard light codes are a series of five-digit codes that display the status of your furnace.

Whether you are looking for a replacement for your old motherboard or need to figure out what light codes your furnace is displaying, the following article will have you covered.

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A furnace motherboard light code is a unique light sequence showing different levels of furnace activity. The following are the codes that indicate different levels of activity:

  1. Single Light: This indicates a single light on the motherboard
  2. Blinking Light: This indicates the first or second burner has been lit
  3. Three Blinking Lights: This indicates all three burners have been lit
  4. Three Steady Lights: This indicates all three burners have been on for at least 5 minutes
  5. Steady Lights, with colour flashing brightly between each for at least 10 seconds: Indicates reset time has passed and only one burner, second or third, is now burning
  6. Intermittent Seven-second Flashing and Steady Lighting: Indicates gas valve is being used to turn off the fuel line after ignition and can be used to restart the unit (e.g., during maintenance)
  7. Constant Seven-second Flashing and Steady Lighting
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