Maytag Furnace Light Codes

Maytag furnaces can often generate light codes you cannot read and understand. Here’s how to know the light codes for your Maytag furnace.

When the temperature inside your Maytag is too high, it may emit a series of blue or green bulb flashes and a single sequence of red flashes every minute (for half a minute). The blue and green flashes are for coolant flow sensors. The red flash is for a thermal overload. The flashing pattern will vary depending on the temperature inside your home.

Many people are not even aware that they have a furnace light. If they notice it is out, they are sad to know that they need to call in a repairman and pay their air conditioning bill for the time it takes for the serviceman to fix the light. This can be costly if someone has an incurable problem with their furnace light.

A few years ago, there was no way for people to check their furnace light codes without calling in a repairman. These days, some companies offer this service on the internet. Some of these companies give free estimates and repair services if you prefer them over the phone or through an app.

Many people don’t know about these companies because big companies have customized storefronts with fancy graphics and low prices.

For Maytag furnace light codes, you can use the following guide.


1-8: The device is not in use.

9: The device is in use, but it has a problem.

10: The device is in use, but the power has gone out, or the circuit breaker has tripped.

11: The device has been reset and has functioned normally since then.

12-18: There is no problem with this device, and it will function normally for now


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