Furnace thermostat connection

The phrase “Thermostat” conjures up an image of a device mounted on the wall, connected to a furnace that heats or cools your home.

This article will explore the different types of connections available for thermostats on furnaces. This can be a useful guide for anyone who is planning to change their thermostat in the future.

Different Types of Connections Available for Furnace Thermostats

You might have come across a furnace thermostat before. These handheld devices function like your oven’s or washing machine’s timer. They are used to control the temperature at different intervals.

Unlike other household appliances, furnace thermostats are one of those devices that people don’t usually think about as they use them daily. If you want to take care of your home better, you can ensure that the temperatures stay in check by connecting your thermostat to Wi-Fi or using the app on your phone or tablet.

To make a furnace thermostat connection, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the wires from the furnace to the terminals on either side of the thermostat using a wire nut
  2. Put the screws in and attach any wires from the thermostat to the terminal board
  3. Connect power switch wire from furnace to terminal board red wire
  4. Take you’s and connect it to the terminal for the white wire on the left of the thermostat
  5. Take the black wire on the right side of the thermostat, and connect it to the terminal identified by FOUR AWG WIRES FOR 100-250 VOLT MULTI-MOUNT OUTLET ANALOGUE WIRE.
  6. Connect the red wire with white wire (power switch) and black wires (on both sides, respectively)
  7. Turn the power switch on, wait for 5 seconds, then turn it off.

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