Viessmann vitodens 100 w error codes

This section will provide information about viessmann vitodens 100 w error codes.

The “Error Codes” section of the manual gives the following list of possible error codes:

0 = Normal Operation

1 = Malfunction and switch off

2 = Malfunction in heating mode

3 = Malfunction in cooling mode

4 = Malfunction in COOL-POWER mode

5 = Flow rate measurement malfunction (flow sensor)

6 = Error in refrigerant temperature measurement (temperature sensor)

7= Voltage supply malfunction (power supply)

The viessmann vitodens 100 w condensing boiler also comes with a 24V heating system.

Some of the common error codes are:

– E1: Remote controller is not inserted in the heating unit.

– E2: No voltage on the remote control terminal.

– E3: Control power failure.

– F1: Withdrawal of water from the tank without reaching the required level in the evaporator.

– F2: Occurrence of frost on the water connection or the sensor’s contact point.

This article discusses the viessmann vitodens 100 w error codes.

The most common cause of a high-temperature heating system is the heat exchanger’s malfunction. This can be due to a problem with the thermocouple, wiring or relay.

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