4 Amana furnace error codes

The 4 Amana furnace error codes are as follows:

1. “Amana Furnace Error Code 9”

2. “Amana Furnace Error Code 11”

3. “Amana Furnace Error Code 13”

4. “Amana Furnace Error Code 20”

This tutorial will explain 4 different Amana furnace error codes that are common and what they mean.

1. An E1 error code is the most common Amana furnace error code. This means that the heating element has failed and needs to be replaced. To do this, you will need to turn off the gas and electricity while unplugging the appliance from a power source. Next, disconnect the wires from the power source, take out 5 screws on top of the panel and then take out 2 screws in front for access to the air filter cover plate. Then remove 2 screws at bottom of the panel for heating element cover plate removal, replace them with the new heating element, and replace the screw and wire back up before turning gas and electricity back on.

There are a number of error codes, warnings and indicators that you may see on your Amana furnace. This article will focus on the most common 4:

Code 1 – Unplugged – If you see this code, it means that the unit has been unplugged. Check the power to the unit and make sure that it is plugged in securely.

Code 2 – Limit reached – If you’re seeing this code, it means that there is a limit reached for safety reasons such as excessive temperature or high pressure. Make sure there isn’t anything in front of your furnace or debris blocking airflow.

Code 3 – Service needed soon or contact installer – This code indicates that service is needed soon or contact installer for repair. If you feel unsafe because of this code, call an installer immediately because your