9 Amana furnace error codes

9-Amana furnace error codes are a helpful guide for the homeowner to troubleshoot common problems. These codes are designed to provide you with a quick and effective diagnostic and repair plan for your 9-Amana furnace.

9-Amana or many other types of furnaces can experience one of two types of errors: an error code is flashing on the display or an error code is not flashing. If you see no code, then the problem may be in the wiring, board, control module, or sensor.

If you encounter an error code that’s not flashing like “D5” or “D40” then it means there is a problem with that particular component of your furnace.

The 9 Amana furnace error codes are the numerical codes that appear on the digital display of the 9 Amana furnace. It is also used to indicate problems with the machine itself and its sensors as well as performance-related errors.

Common 9 Amana furnace error codes include:

1 – Clogged filter

2 – Air leakage (short in the main burner)

3 – Hot surface combustion (surrounding burner)

4 – Burner control overcurrent or open-circuit voltage

5 – The main fuse has blown or motor control circuit fault

There are three main error codes that you will find on a 9 Amana furnace. It is the Error Code 0, Error Code 1 and Error Code 2. If any of these error codes appear then the code will be displayed along with the specific heating sequence for assistance.