A floor furnace thermostat

A floor furnace thermostat is a control device that is used to regulate a room’s temperature using the signals given by a remote sensor.
This device is usually installed on an inside wall in the room, and heated air is distributed through ducts to all room parts.
The remote sensor can be either an external wired probe or an inbuilt heat detector. The external wired probe is more reliable but may need to be installed outside the building’s walls. The inbuilt heat detectors are cheaper and can also detect movement and provide fire alarms when needed.

A floor furnace is a type of forced air heating system.
A traditional floor furnace will typically have an upright metal unit that sits on the floor. This vertical design is easier to install and maintain than a more traditional, horizontal model.
Floor furnaces are simple to use and operate with a thermostat for adjustment, but these systems can be costly due to the high temperatures they create.

Mechanical thermostats make use of a bimetallic strip which response to temperature change. This is generally placed in an airtight glass envelope. The strip comprises two strips of different metals and is joined together with a hinge at one end. One strip will expand more than the other when heated, which will cause it to bend as well, they also have different rates of expansion, so they expand at different rates when heated.


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