Air filter for Goodman furnace

Air filters are designed to remove microscopic particles from the air entering your heating and cooling system, but air filters for Goodman furnaces are a little different. Check out the following guide to learn more about air filters for Goodman furnaces.

The first line of defense against contaminants is an electrostatic (EF) pre-filter on top of the furnace. This filter should be checked regularly and replaced when it is dirty or clogged to ensure enough fresh air gets into your furnace area.

This can be made easier with a hands-free infrared sensor that alerts you when an EF pre-filter needs replacement or replaces it every two months, as service manuals recommend.

The second line of defense against contaminants is typically an activated carbon filter located in front of the indoor coil near where you connect your supply lines.

Goodman air filters are designed to act as a secondary filter, helping reduce the dust before it’s released into your home. These filters are made with a polypropylene mesh that allows maximum airflow while trapping dirt, dust and other particles.

Goodman furnace air filters are designed to be placed in front of the furnace blower, capturing airborne particles before entering your home.

Goodman air filters can be installed in place of ordinary furnace filters.

Air filters for goodman furnaces have many advantages. Goodman air filters are made from a special, heavy-duty material that is easy to clean and long-lasting. These work well for people with allergies or asthma, as they are very effective at trapping particles in the air.

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