Amana ac error codes

Amana is a brand of home appliances and equipment for heating, air conditioning, and water heating. Amana products are manufactured by Daikin Industries Ltd.

In order to troubleshoot an Amana ac error code, one can refer to the table below

Amana ac error codes are the most common codes that are faced by Amana ac users. These are caused due to various reasons such as power surges, lightning, loose wires and bad wiring.

Amana ac error codes are usually accompanied by blinking lights to indicate the current issue.

The problem may be a fuse, a blown circuit or something more complex, like an overheating or short circuit.

Some symptoms of an Amana ac error code are that the unit shuts off and will not turn back on. The compressor won’t start, and there’s no power to the fan and/or condenser motor.