Amana furnace a12 error code

Amana furnaces are some of the most popular models, but they also have some issues. One of these is the a12 error code.

Amana furnace a12 error code is one of the most common problems with this particular furnace because it signals a failure to start. For most, it means that a sensor or airflow has failed to work properly.

Amana furnace error code a12 is running and not heating.

Amana’s error code A12 is designed mainly to let the individual know that there is something wrong with the heating system. Obviously, if the furnace is not heating, there are many reasons why this would be occurring. The most common cause for this error is a clogged filter. Blocked filters can restrict airflow and prevent proper combustion of fuel, which would limit heat production. To clear the filter, unplug the unit from the power source and use an air nozzle to blow out any dust or debris in order to restore functionality.

Amana furnaces use an error code to signify the fault that has occurred. An a12 error code means that the blower motor has failed and needs to be replaced.

If the fan motor is not working, it can cause high levels of heat and eventually lead to a fire. To stop this from happening, the fan motor should be replaced immediately.