Amana furnace error code lo

The error code LO indicates that the thermostat has detected a low oxygen condition in the furnace.

It is important to take action and get the system serviced. This error code could indicate that your furnace has been starved of air and may be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion.

“Error Code Lo” is an error code that indicates that the gas pressure in your furnace regulator is too high.

If you have this error code, you should contact your brand’s customer service.

The following article is about Amana furnace error code lo.

The problem could be a short in the heating element (wire), a short or open in the power cord, or high resistance in one of the heating element wires.

What is error code LO?

The error code “lo” on an Amana furnace stands for “low oil”. This can happen if the oil filter is clogged, if the furnace doesn’t have enough oil, or if the oil pressure switch is faulty.

When experiencing Amana furnace error code lo, it is necessary to inspect the furnace to look for potential problems.

The first step that should be taken when experiencing Amana furnace error code lo is to inspect the unit for any visual problems. It is also a good idea to check the filters and air intake vents if there are any obstructions or other visible damage.

The Amana furnace error code LO is an indication of an air circulation problem. To fix the issue, try these three steps:

– Check to see if you can feel airflow at the front or back of the unit.

– Remove the filter and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it and replace it in your unit.

– Move any furniture or cabinets that may block airflow