Amana furnace error codes 6 flashes

Below are the common furnace error codes that indicate a problem with the furnace. If you have 6 flashes and there is no power to the main control board, then it is time to contact a professional for diagnosis and repair.

There are five different flashes and they each have their own codes.

1. If you see one short flash, it means that the code is too long and that it is not possible to enter it again.

2. One long flash followed by a short blink means the furnace has been out of commission for more than 24 hours and needs to be serviced.

3. If you see one long flash followed by three short flashes, this means that there are no error codes in the furnace at this time but something could have gone wrong in the past day or two that needs to be checked out by a technician like a power outage or higher than normal gas usage.

4. If you see two long flashes with a pause in between, this indicates an electrical problem with your control panel or

Certain codes can be dealt with by the furnace user, but some cases will require a call to a technician.

Some of the common codes are:

The air filter needs to be replaced

The fan limit switch needs to be replaced

The pressure switch needs to be replaced