Amana furnace error Kyocera

The furnace error displays a “Kyocera” message and the furnace does not turn on.

Amana furnaces that turn on when the thermostat is in “ON” mode will display an error code of “Kyocera” when they reach a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but they may also show this error code on startup.

The best solution to be aware of is the furnace error code KYOCERA. In this case, it has been noticed that the firebox temperature sensor is faulty.

One Amana furnace error code Kyocera can happen when the firebox temperature sensor is faulty.

When you have a furnace that has stopped working or is not working properly, you will want to use it as little as possible. Furnace errors and malfunctions can lead to widespread damage to the home.

One type of error message your furnace might display is “AK”. This occurs when condensation builds up in the furnace’s burner chamber. Your best bet is to contact a professional technician as soon as possible who can diagnose and fix the problem with minimal downtime.