Amana furnace range error code f1

Hello, I recently had a problem with my Amana furnace. After turning it on for the first time in the winter and setting the temperature to 40 degrees, it suddenly gave an error code f1. I searched all over google and youtube but found nothing that would fix my problem. If you have any suggestions please let me know- thanks!

I was having a similar issue with my Amana furnace range and I contacted customer service. They were able to help me fix the issue even though they said that they had never seen this error before which was very odd.

The error code F1 means that one or more of the sensors have failed to detect a call for heat. This can be caused by different issues like a faulty sensor, a dirty sensor, and obstructions to the sensor.

If your furnace is displaying an error code, F1, then try troubleshooting it before you call in a technician.

If you are experiencing an error code F1 on your Amana furnace, then there is a good chance that the heating element has been disconnected or has been dislodged from the tube.

On most models of the Amana furnace, if this is the issue, then you will need to disconnect the power and remove the heating element to reconnect it. This may seem like a daunting task for many people so we recommend having a professional look at this as soon as possible.