Amana furnace range error code f2 e0

This article will explain how to diagnose and troubleshoot an Amana furnace range error code f1 e0. We will start by discussing what this error code means and give a diagnostic approach. If you need to fix the problem, we will show you the steps for replacing the amana furnace range thermocouple.

The first thing that you should do is push out another flame when the amana furnace range error code f1 e0 appears. A normal flame should be present after two minutes if there are no other problems with your furnace. It is important that you wait two minutes before diagnosing this issue because it could have been just a short-term loose connection or a bad electrical wire.

If there still isn’t a normal flame after pushing out pressure, then start diagnosing

This article addresses the error code AMANA F1 E0, which is the “Temperature Sensor Checking” error and is not related to a heating system issue.

It is possible to address the issue by disconnecting and reconnecting the sensor. If this does not work, a furnace tech can be dispatched to address any underlying issues with the sensor or its connection point.

There are several reasons why the error code f1 e0 could be.

Some of which are:

-The gas valve is not in a gas position.

-The pilot is not lit. For this, you need to first light it and then the furnace can start operating again.

-A dirty flame sensor or thermopile may be causing the error code f1 e0. Cleaning them will solve the problem most times and if it doesn’t, you may need to replace them.