Amana heater error codes

This article is a list of the most common Amana heater error codes and their causes of them.

1. Error Code: F1

The cause of this code is that the heater is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

2. Error Code: F2 or F3

This code indicates that there is no power or the power cord is unplugged from the wall outlet.

3. Error Code: 6

This code means that there is a loose wire in the area where it plugs into the furnace, or a loose wire on another component in close proximity to this component, such as a compressor coil, humidifier coil, air filter, etc.

4. Error Code: 7E7E7E7A

This error code means that there was an interruption

The Amana electric heater is a popular product in the world today. It is estimated that over one million of these heaters are sold every year. The heater consists of a heating unit and an air blower.

The electric heater turns on when you turn the switch to either the “low” or “high” setting. If the blower does not turn on, this could mean there is an issue with your model of Amana electric heater and you should call customer service.