Amana package unit error codes

Amana refrigerators have a built-in error code on the top left corner of the display.

There are three digits which may be lit up, and this will indicate the error code.

Typically when an Amana product has an error code or fault code associated with it, this means that something is not functioning properly. If you see an error code on your appliance’s display panel or in the Amana manual for your model number appliance then it is advised to contact the Amana Company right away so that they can figure out what needs to be fixed in the order.

Amana package unit error codes are codes that are used by the Amana side-by-side refrigerator to inform people about what might be wrong with the device.

The code F1 will show up if a problem with the motor has occurred. The following is a list of some of the other errors you might see:

F1 – There is a problem with the motor

F2 – There is a problem with the door switch.

F3 – There is an issue with the temperature control or temperature sensor.

F4 – The defrost timer needs to be replaced because it has failed to operate properly.