How to Fix American Standard Furnace Error Code E11

You probably don’t think about your furnace very often. After all, it’s just a machine that sits in your home and helps to keep you warm in the winter. However, if your furnace starts acting up and needs some troubleshooting help, you will be grateful for this article. Let’s face it – no one really likes dealing with broken appliances. They can be a bit of a hassle to repair and it’s not something anyone looks forward to doing. However, if you get an error code from your American Standard furnace (or any other kind of furnace, for that matter), you might be able to save yourself some time and frustration by reading this article first. These codes are designed to give technicians a heads-up about what might be causing the problem with your furnace and how to fix it as efficiently as possible.

What Does Error Code E11 Mean?

The E11 error code is an indicator that something is wrong with your furnace’s fan. When the fan isn’t working properly, it can’t circulate the air throughout your home. This can cause your furnace to get too hot and shut itself off to protect itself from overheating. The E11 error code is actually quite common and can be traced back to a number of different issues. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these issues might be. The first possible cause of the E11 error code is a clog in the fan. Over time, dust and dirt can get caught up in the fan and prevent it from moving air throughout your home. If the fan can’t move air properly, your furnace will shut down. In order to fix this problem, you’ll need to remove the fan and clean it thoroughly. Another possibility is a broken fan belt. This belt helps to keep the fan moving, so if it’s broken, the fan won’t be able to do its job. If your furnace has a broken fan belt, you’ll need to replace it. There is also a chance that there’s something wrong with the switch on the fan. This switch is what tells the fan to begin moving air. If the switch is broken, the fan will sit idle and your furnace will shut down.

How to Find the Cause of the Error

If you’ve already tried to fix the E11 error code and it’s still not going away, it’s important to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Once you know what’s causing your furnace to act up, it will be much easier to solve the problem. Here are a few steps you can take to find the cause of the E11 error code. First, unplug your furnace and let it sit for a few hours. This will allow any dust or dirt that’s built up inside to settle and be much easier to clean up. Next, check the fan to see if there is any dirt or dust caught up in it. If there is, use a vacuum to clean it out. If you don’t have a vacuum handy, you can even use a damp cloth to wipe out the dust and dirt.

How to Fix an American Standard Furnace With Error Code E11

Now that you know what could be causing the E11 error code and what you can do to fix it, let’s talk about how to actually fix the problem. While each of the issues we discussed earlier could cause the E11 error code, there are a few ways to approach the problem. First, check to see if there’s a broken fan belt. If there is, you can replace it fairly easily. You’ll need to remove the fan and the fan housing to do this. Once the parts are removed, you can simply replace the belt with a new one. If the problem is a clog in the fan, you’ll need to clean the fan. You can do this by removing the fan and the fan housing and then using a vacuum to clean out the dust and dirt. If the problem is a broken switch on the fan, you’ll need to replace the switch. You can access the switch by removing the fan and the fan housing. Luckily, you can find replacements for this switch online or at the hardware store.

Possible Cause of the Error

If none of the issues we discussed earlier seem to apply to your furnace, you might have a different problem. While these issues account for the majority of E11 error codes, there are a few other possibilities worth considering. The first possibility is a blocked or clogged air filter. This filter helps to prevent dirt from getting pulled into your furnace and ending up in your home. If the filter is clogged, your furnace won’t be able to pull air through the filter, which will cause it to shut down. To fix this, you’ll need to clean or replace the filter. Another possibility is that your furnace isn’t getting enough voltage. While it’s running, the furnace needs enough electricity to keep itself going. If your furnace isn’t getting enough voltage, it will shut itself off to protect itself.


The E11 error code is a common problem among furnaces. Luckily, it’s easy to fix once you know what the problem is. There are a few common causes of the E11 error code, so once you’ve cleaned your furnace and know that the error code remains, you can narrow down the possible causes to find the right solution. No one likes dealing with furnace issues, but thankfully, they’re pretty easy to deal with once you know what you’re up against.