Armstrong 2-stage furnace

The armstrong 2-stage furnace is a boiler that has been around for a long time. Andrew Jackson Armstrong patented this particular boiler with its unique design and multiple stages of heat on November 10th, 1867.

Armstrong’s design of the armstrong 2-stage furnace made it an environment-friendly, efficient and reliable fuel-burning appliance. The appliance works by using natural gas or propane as a heat source that is fed into the furnace’s first stage. The hot gases are then used to boil water in the first reservoir, which creates steam that is fed into the second stage, where it is condensed back into liquid water to be utilized once again for heating purposes or expelled through a condenser, where it cools off before re-entering back into the first reservoir.

This particular type of boiler offers all three major types of heat such as warmth (direct heating), vitality (steam generation) and electricity (condensation).

Armstrong 2 Stage Furnace is a two-stage gas furnace that uses a blower-driven fan to provide circulating air for combustion.

The Armstrong 2 Stage Furnace’s unique design provides efficient temperature regulation and rapid heating and cooling. It easily adjusts to the seasons with its automatic heat set-point control.

Armstrong 2 Stage Furnace is ideal for heating and cooling any space, home, office or warehouse full of goods.

Armstrong 2-stage furnaces use a gas-burning boiler and the second stage to a water-cooled heat exchanger.

Armstrong 2 Stage Furnace has many benefits like a faster heating process, improved efficiency and ease of installation. They are an improvement to the traditional 1-stage furnaces.

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