Armstrong Furnace registers

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The Armstrong Furnace registers are found at the front of the furnace in one of the four corners. The register is typically higher, so you’ll have to reach up to change it.

Registering an appliance is a good way to keep the warranty and schedule regular maintenance.

Registering your appliance is the best way to get the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure they can reach you if there are any issues with it. You will also want to register your furnace to set up an annual maintenance agreement and schedule inspections required by law.

This section discusses the benefits of registering an Armstrong furnace.

Armstrong furnaces are a trusted name in the industry with a winning track record. If you have an Armstrong furnace, it’s important to register your furnace to help ensure that it is still covered by warranty.

Registering an Armstrong furnace is a very easy process. When you register your furnace, the company will send you a registration kit with an owner’s manual and warranty card.

This registration kit will contain all the information about your warranty, how to keep your home heating properly and how to care for your new furnace.

When you call us for any services, we will ask for the information from this card so that we can complete the process quickly and efficiently.

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