Armstrong air furnace flame sensor

The Armstrong air furnace flame sensor is a high-tech product that detects flammable gases, specifically hydrogen sulphide.

The Armstrong air furnace flame sensor emits high-frequency sound waves and uses a built-in microphone to detect the presence of the gas. When it detects gas, it will quickly trigger an alert for the user.

This device can detect even trace amounts of hydrogen sulphide and low concentrations of oxygen in order to protect users from harmful gases.

The Armstrong air furnace flame sensor is a type of smart sensor that can be mounted on the outside wall of an air furnace in order to detect fire and send an alarm. The flame sensor works with various models of Armstrong air furnaces, as well as with some other brands as well.

Armstrong Air Furnace Flame Sensor

A smart sensor that sends out alarms when it detects fire or high temperature.

Can work with different models of Armstrong air furnaces

Works with some other brands too

Armstrong Air is a new brand of furnaces that has a sensor that detects fire. This sensor can detect whether your furnace has been on for too long and needs to be turned off without any action on your behalf.

At the beginning of our project, we were trying to detect when spontaneous combustion had occurred in a home from the data collected from the furnace. However, it was difficult to find a pattern in all of this data and see which issues might have caused this incident.

To make our system more efficient, we needed to add AI into our process and use the knowledge that we had gained from these systems before to assist us with coding this project. We needed to come up with an algorithm that could filter out some of these patterns so that it could only highlight those problems which were more likely