Armstrong air furnace ultra v advantage 93

The new air furnace features a heat exchanger that can accommodate multiple types of fuels, including natural gas, traditional fuel oil, propane, and liquefied petroleum gas.

Armstrong’s new ultra-v advantage 93 also features an easy-to-access chimney and a better door design, which helps with weather tightness. This new furnace is ideal for homeowners who want to replace their older models and save on heating bills. The ultra-v advantage 93 will also be very competitively priced, with an average price of $5,878 in a local market.

This is one of the few heat exchangers that can accommodate natural gas and all other fuels listed above. So in case you are thinking about replacing your outdated model with an energy-efficient one, then this could be the best option for you.

Armstrong has always been a pioneer in energy efficiency. With the introduction of this new product, they are reaffirming their commitment to helping their customers save money on energy bills. It is an efficient unit that also improves air quality.

Armstrong Air Furnace Ultra V Advantage 93 is a high-efficiency, affordable, durable furnace. It can deliver lower carbon dioxide emissions than other conventional furnaces and is easy to install.

The Ultra V Advantage 93 is designed to deliver superior comfort and performance. Regardless of the type of fuel that you are using, the furnace offers up to 2,500 BTUs per hour. It also offers at least 10 hours on one gas tank, making it an economical option for your home or business.

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