Armstrong air furnaces ignitors

The purpose of the ignitor is to start the flame from a pilot light. An electrical current passing through the metal coil heats up and will transfer heat to the ceramic material, which then ignites the gas or oil in a furnace.

If you are looking for an air furnace ignitor, then you can always go with Armstrong air furnaces. They are known to produce long-lasting and durable products.

The Armstrong Air Furnace Ignitor is a heating system component that, when triggered, lights the pilot light to start the furnace. The ignitor becomes faulty or worn out over time and will need to be replaced.

Ignitors are small devices that provide the pilot flame for your furnace and can be found in many types of heating systems.

An ignitor is a small device that provides the pilot flame for your furnace in order to keep it running. The ignitor is usually located near the air intake or air control valve and can be found in many different heating systems. These devices are powered by electricity and use a spring-loaded metal contact to ignite the burner. Ignitors are used in furnaces, boilers, and other industrial heaters where heat is created through the combustion of fuel.

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