Armstrong downflow furnace

Armstrong Downflow Furnace is an air-fried downflow furnace.

The air-fired downflow furnace is currently the most popular type of furnace in the U.S. market, with over 80% total market share.

Armstrong offers a range of premium and ultra-premium models that can be used for process heat, boiler feedwater heating or district heating applications.

Armstrong is a brand that specializes in heating equipment, most notably furnaces.

On the basis of its experience in heating technology and its ability to produce reliable and efficient appliances, it has been trusted by homeowners since 1869.

It also has a wide selection of furnace models with various features and capacities to cater to different needs.

Armstrong downflow furnaces are a form of low-pressure burners that have a powerful fan to create a vortex around the fire.

Armstrong downflow furnaces are used in many industries as they provide high gas efficiencies with very low particulate emissions. They are commonly used in power generation, steel manufacturing and oil refining.

A lot of companies use these furnaces to reduce the number of particulates emitted during burning, which is especially important in oil refining due to the environmental effects that can potentially come from these particulates.