Armstrong furnace blower capacitor

One of the most important parts of an air conditioning unit is the blower capacitor. These capacitors must be replaced once their life has expired.

The Armstrong furnace blower capacitor has a life expectancy of about ten years because these are high-efficiency and low-noise capacitors. They are perfect for large industrial applications or residential applications with large cooling capacities.

Armstrong is a company that has been producing furnace blower capacitors since the 1920s. These components are used for motors that turn heat into mechanical energy.

Armstrong’s most popular product is a capacitor that is made up of metal powder, which has the excellent electrical capacity and high thermal conductivity.

Their products are also available in different variations such as single-phase capacitors, trilobal capacitors and power capacitors

The Armstrong furnace blower capacitor is often used in large industrial plants. It uses a motor to turn a gearbox which multiplies the torque output of an Armstrong furnace motor.

Armstrong believes that their product will increase efficiency for their customers as it encourages efficient plant operation by reducing emissions without affecting production rates.