Armstrong furnace condensate trap

A condensate trap is a device that captures gaseous molecules from the air and traps them in liquid.

A condensate trap runs on a closed-loop and is equipped with an air intake and a liquid outlet. It is important that the device has an inlet fan because without it, the condensate will not flow into the trap and it won’t work properly.

The Armstrong furnace series of condensate traps are designed to capture volatile, low-boiling vapours such as those from HVAC systems or other equipment such as refineries.

A condensate trap is a device used in a furnace’s drain line, which captures condensate from the airstream flowing through the furnace.

The Armstrong Condensate Trap Company has been manufacturing these all-steel models since 1880. The traps are designed to withstand high heat and pressure, as well as being resistant to corrosion and rust.

The Armstrong Condensate Trap is a type of condensate removal device used in the exhausting process. It is a cylindrical trap that has been designed to remove the gas-liquid mixture from a gas stream at the end of an air compressor.

In order to prevent the condensate from entering the compressor, it has to be removed before it enters the compressor system. This can be done through a variety of means, but one popular solution is to use an Armstrong Condensate Trap.

The Armstrong Condensate Trap works by collecting condensate and redirecting it into a drain line rather than back into the compressor system. This allows for efficient use of the compressed air and prevents waste in energy usage during exhausting processes