Armstrong furnace control board wiring diagram

A wiring diagram is a circuit diagram that shows the wiring or connections of an electric circuit and the components within it. A furnace control board is a device found in furnaces, stoves, and fireplaces that controls their functions.

Armstrong furnace control board wiring diagrams help maintain the safe operation of these devices, preventing accidents from occurring when the system fails to work as expected.

Armstrong’s manufacturing experts use ARMSTRONG® Wiring Diagram software to create accurate, up-to-date diagrams for service professionals and laypersons alike.

Armstrong furnace control board is designed to add or subtract heat in order to maintain a consistent temperature. It’s installed in residential and commercial buildings, large and small.

Armstrong furnace control board wire colours:

1. White-neutral – this wire should be connected to the neutral wire on the circuit breaker

2. Brown-ground – this wire should be connected to the ground rail on the circuit breaker

3. Black-hot – this wire should be connected to one of the hot wires on the circuit breaker

The wiring diagram allows you to easily work on the furnace and identify which wires need to be changed.

Armstrong furnaces have been respected for many years because of their reliability. They have a lifetime warranty that covers the motors and other parts for as long as their original owner owns the home.

Armstrong also has a popular line of carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, and heat pumps that all run on natural gas so they can be installed with ease.