Armstrong furnace error codes 3 flashes

Armstrong furnaces have 3 red LED indicators on the front to inform users of a variety of situations. These lights are the most common cause for a furnace error code 3 flashes.

Armstrong furnace models have 3 red LED indicators that display certain problems. The first indicator is called ‘heat source’ and it lights up when there is sufficient heat coming from the burners. The second indicator, ‘thermostat’, lights up when there is a problem with the thermostat that prevents it from maintaining an accurate temperature. If this indicator is lit up, you should contact your local dealer or service technician. The final indicator, ‘automatic purge’ light indicates that there is a problem with the gas sensor causing your furnace to shut down prematurely and prevent combustion – use caution near

Armstrong is a brand that offers high-quality heating appliances at affordable prices. However, they also have had some troubles with their customer service in the past. The company has now decided to put up a new customer service team called Armstrong Customer Service that will address customer complaints and questions as well as provide useful tips and guidance on how to maintain the most efficient operation of their products.

Armstrong furnace error code 3 flashes: This is when the circuit board in your furnace stops working and displays the message ‘3 flashes’ on your LCD display.

This error has been seen often on brand new furnaces with no prior use and can be caused by many factors such as power surges, power failures, or even refrigerator installations nearby.

Armstrong furnace error codes 3 flashes are usually caused by a burnt wire or a bad relay. It is important that you check the wiring and identify the source of the problem before calling a technician.

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