Armstrong furnace ignitor

The Armstrong furnace ignitor is a heating device that is built into the furnace. It is attached to a metal rod and, in most cases, will be located near the bottom of the appliance. The ignitor has a ceramic core that creates an electric current and heats up when electricity is applied. The gas burns, which heats up the metal rod, and this causes the burner to produce heat.

In some cases, it can be hard to tell if your ignitor is faulty or not because there are no visible symptoms of it being damaged or broken. In these cases, you should check for other factors that might be causing your issue like replacing filters or cleaning those of your appliances that are inside with dust buildup.

An Armstrong furnace ignitor is a small device that is used to provide the spark to ignite a gas burner. It is also known as an electric spark plug or a flame ignitor. It has a filament of metal, usually platinum, and two electrodes for making and breaking the current flow.

The Armstrong furnace ignitor is a device that is responsible for creating the spark that starts the gas flow in a gas-fired appliance.

An Armstrong furnace ignitor has the following properties: it is typically cylindrical, either with or without fins, it contains an electric coil and it includes a spring-loaded safety switch.

The Armstrong furnace ignitor is an important part of your heating system. It creates the spark that lights up the fuel and transfers heat to your home by turning on your furnace. If this device breaks down, you will have to replace it as soon as possible!

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