Armstrong furnace inducer

Furnaces work by making heat and air circulate in a closed loop. The furnace’s blower section extracts the heat from the combustion process and blows it into a long metal pipe called an inducer, which is located in the return air system. The inducer coils inside this return air duct form a series of inductive loops that produce a magnetic field.

The induced currents create a voltage difference on the metal surface of the inducer coils. This voltage difference creates a magnetic flux that induces an electric current to flow through these coils.

Armstrong is a brand that specializes in products for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. One of its products is the Armstrong furnace inducer. It helps to provide combustion air during furnace startup and shutdown operations.

An inducer is a device that forces heated air into the boiler or burner of an appliance such as a stove, furnace, or water heater to help maintain combustion in the firebox.

Armstrong’s unique induction process and design produce a cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable product.

The Armstrong furnace inducer is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to replace their old furnaces with a more efficient heating system. The inducer features the latest boiler technology that can heat homes up to 30% faster than conventional furnaces. It also operates using less energy and emits fewer pollutants than other types of heating systems.

The Armstrong Air Inducer is a device that helps to increase the energy efficiency of furnaces.

This device is attached in front of the furnace and its job is to mix cold air from the outdoor living space with warm air from the furnace.

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