Armstrong furnace not blowing hot air

This can be caused by several issues. First, make sure the gas to the unit is on. Second, make sure the pilot light is lit and the gas valve is turned fully on to depressurize the system before the ignition cycle begins. Third, make sure that all combustion air ducts are clear of obstructions and insulation (this includes any soot or moisture.) Lastly, check that there are no external sources of heat interfering with airflow in or around the system (including automobiles parked too close).

Who should you call when your furnace stops blowing hot air?
The key to getting service from a heating and cooling company is to find one that is reputable and reliable.
Consider these points when selecting a company:
– Ask for references.
– Check the company’s BBB rating.
– Find out if the company is insured.
– Get information about licensing and certifications.

This article is to help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your furnace not blowing hot air or any other symptoms of a lack of heat in your home.
When the furnace is not blowing hot air, you need to check for a few different things that may be causing the problem.

-The fan may be clogged. If the furnace is not blowing hot air from the vents, it could mean that the fan blades are blocked with dust or debris. In this case, shut off power to the unit at its breaker box and remove any accumulation from around it so that its blades can spin free again.

-Airflow might be restricted by an object in front of it. You might have something blocking airflow near where the duct connects to your home’s heating/cooling system. To determine if this is true, go outside and look up into your ductwork while holding a flashlight or some type of light inside.

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