Armstrong furnace thunder bay

Armstrong is the leading manufacturer of furnaces in Canada. With a century of experience, the company has always put its customers first.

Armstrong furnaces are designed to provide efficient heat and combustion efficiency. They use a technology that captures more heat than traditional models while using less fuel. These units also generate less noise making them ideal for homes and small businesses.

This is a Thunder Bay based company that offers heating and cooling solutions. The company was founded in 1883 by William Allen Armstrong, who sold its products across Canada.

Armstrong’s first products were coal-fired stoves and furnaces that used lump coal or anthracite coal. This led to the development of the first self-cleaning fireplaces, which ran on anthracite coal, the first gas-burning furnaces and later gas mantles for lamps.

In the 1980s, they began selling electronic thermostatic control systems in North America, which were widely adopted by industry leaders such as General Electric and Carrier Corporation, who then began selling them as a proprietary product under their brand name.

A furnace is a device that uses a fire’s heat to turn a turbine’s mechanical power to rotate a compressor, thereby producing hot gas. The company produces high-quality heating and air conditioning products that have been proven time and time again over the past 100 years.

Armstrong furnaces offer various ranges, such as regenerative air conditioning, condensing boilers, refrigeration equipment, direct gas water heaters, packaged cooling equipment, packaged heating equipment, and commercial, residential, and outdoor units.

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