Armstrong furnaces pressure switch

Many homeowners have to take a step back and think about what the furnace is doing for them before the winter season.
The furnace does more than make your home warm. It also circulates air in your house and dehumidifies it. In fact, it’s one of the most important parts of your home. To keep yours running at its best, Armstrong furnaces include a pressure switch that monitors and regulates system pressures so they stay within a certain level.
This pressure switch is usually mounted on a panel where you can find it easily when you need to turn off or reset the equipment to troubleshoot any issues that are occurring with the furnace system.

The Armstrong Furnace Pressure Switch is a device that monitors and controls the fuel pressure in the furnace to verify that it is running correctly and to shut off operation automatically.
This device monitors and controls the fuel pressure in a furnace to verify that it’s running correctly, as well as to shut off operation automatically if it is not.

The Armstrong furnace pressure switch is designed to protect the main burner and the regulator from a clogged pilot.
Armstrong’s furnace pressure switch is located on the left front side of your heat exchanger.
You should make sure that your Armstrong furnace pressure switch is clean, clear, and not corroded before replacing it.
The Armstrong furnace pressure switch can be accessed by removing the lower panel to expose the gas valves and burners.

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