Armstrong furnaces ignition problem

Armstrong furnaces are known for their reliability and quality. In fact, they’re the number one choice for homeowners who want to heat their homes with a high-efficiency furnace. Unfortunately, from time to time, you may encounter a problem with your Armstrong furnace. There are many reasons why this could happen – but thankfully, there are also solutions!
One of the most common problems with an Armstrong furnace is that it will not ignite properly. This can be caused by several different factors but the solutions for igniting your Armstrong Furnace are very similar in every instance. Below we will cover some of the most common causes and solutions as well as provide some general troubleshooting steps that you can try if you find yourself experiencing ignition problems on your Armstrong Furnace.
Odds are, you are not the only one who has had difficulties getting their home’s furnace to ignite during the cold winter months. For years now, many homeowners have been dealing with this same problem. While it was typically attributed to a faulty switch, these days it is increasingly being thought that Armstrong furnaces just don’t start again with age.
Armstrong’s refusal to acknowledge that they have a recurring issue may be placing them in a position of possible legal action from the many customers affected by this problem. Many customers have already made the decision to switch brands and purchase a different brand of the furnace because of this problem.

There are many reasons why your furnace isn’t working properly. The Armstrong Furnace Ignition Problem is one of the most common problems that people encounter. The problem arises when there is dirt or lint blocking the burners or when there is something wrong with the pilot light system.
Here are a few things that you can do to eliminate this problem:
– Check and clean up any lint and dirt buildup in your burner area. This will ensure that you have an unobstructed path for gas to reach the burners and ignite them.
– Make sure that your gas valve has been turned on all the way if there is a possibility it was accidentally turned off before or during use.

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