Armstrong furnaces model number nomenclature

Armstrong has been manufacturing heating equipment since 1869. With analog style, old-school design, and retro feel, their furnaces are still in use today.

Armstrong furnace model number nomenclature is an extension of the alpha-numeric system used in the metal trades to identify specific products and parts.

Armstrong furnaces are known for their quality and reliability. They were created with the user in mind so they can be easily used. Every Armstrong furnace is designed to be as easy to install or as easy to use as possible.

The company has many different types of furnace models that they offer depending on the user’s needs. The following are some of the most popular models they offer:

Model XP36 – This model is perfect for small spaces because it heats up quickly and heats spaces quickly

Model XP26 – This one is also good for smaller spaces and it’s cheaper than other models

The term “model number nomenclature” refers to the naming system used to identify the size or type of a furnace. It is important that you understand how this naming system works before buying an Armstrong furnace.

There are three types of model numbers:

1) Type 1 – This is a one-digit number that designates the general range of heating capacity. The higher the number, the larger the unit’s heating capacity, or BTU/HR input rating.

2) Type 2 – This is a letter followed by two digits and has no relationship to the units’ BTU/HR input rating (unit sizes vary).

3) Type 3 – This is by far the most common type and designates an exact product such as “A3234X” designated for a specific size and style of product. The first letter in these models always denotes which series they belong to for easy identification (A, B, C, D).

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