Armstrong high-efficiency gas furnace

Armstrong’s high efficient gas furnaces not only save money with their advanced technology but also reduce the amount of carbon that is released in our atmosphere.

Armstrong high-efficiency gas furnaces also contain an eco-friendly mesh filter. This filter captures bits of debris and dust before they can enter your home or office, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

Armstrong’s high-efficiency gas furnace is a good choice for any home heating needs. It can save you up to 87% in gas cost and it can use natural gas or propane with an efficiency of 90% or higher.

Armstrong gas furnaces have the best features to keep your home warm and cozy. They are made with a focus on high efficiency and low emissions, which is why they have been awarded the “2018 Top Rated Home Heating” by Consumer Reports.

Armstrong is a leading manufacturer of gas furnaces. They offer high efficiency, low emissions and long-lasting models that last over 20 years. That’s twice as long as other brands!


The Armstrong high-efficiency gas furnace is designed to save energy, reduce cost and improve the overall efficiency of your home.

Armstrong High-Efficiency Gas Furnace has a simple, sleek design which delivers efficient heating up to 20% more than standard furnaces. With this highly efficient and versatile heater, you can turn your home space into a luxurious haven all year round no matter how cold it gets in the winter.

The Armstrong high-efficiency gas furnace features an automated ignition system that senses when the temperature is below or above the desired level, with instant ignition so that you can have a warm fire waiting for you as soon as you enter your cozy living room or den. The safety thermostat eliminates any risk of accidental overheating that could cause damage to equipment or pose health hazards.