Armstrong ultra 5 tech 80 furnace

All residential or commercial furnaces or boilers must have the armstrong ultra 5 tech 80 furnace.

Armstrong’s Ultra-5 Technology 80 Furnace delivers a variety of new features that make it easier to control your home energy usage and maintain your HVAC system, including:

1) A one-touch condensing air dryer;

2) A super-quiet, low noise level;

3) Automatic humidifier on low settings;

4) Electronic dampers for more efficient performance.

Armstrong Ultra Tech 80 Furnace: A new space-saving and reliable furnace that requires no maintenance for up to 10 years. The armstrong ultra five tech 80 furnace is now available.

This furnace is self-regulating and has a high-efficiency rating. It has an 80% AFUE rating with up to 87% thermal efficiency. This allows it to save you up to 40% on your heating bill.

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