3 flashes on Armstrong furnace

In this chapter, I will outline the history of 3 flashes on Armstrong furnace and how it has changed over time.

Two brothers in Scotland were working in a steel mill. An accident happened, and one brother was killed while the other was severely wounded. The grieving father, who was left with two sons, decided to make a reminder of his loved one as a way to keep his memory alive and honour him every day. The idea came from the story of Luke 2:19-21

Flashes on an armstrong furnace is another name for 3 flashes on an armstrong furnace (3FAS). It is an everyday reminder that churches used to display over the altar or pulpit to honour Jesus Christ’s birth. When you enter a church today, you can see 3FAS everywhere – engraved onto tablets, pieces of wood, etc. It has become an established tradition that carries on even today.

Armstrong furnaces are highly efficient induction furnaces that use three flashes to properly heat the area.

The first flash is at the bottom of the furnace. A small portion of the base is heated up, then a second flash occurs further down the furnace, where a larger section is heated up. Lastly, the third and largest flash occurs at the top of the furnace.

The 3 flashes on the armstrong furnace use a triplicate flame to burn the fuel and use less fuel efficiency. The flame uses three gas jets, and it can produce up to 18,000 BTU per hour with eco-friendly combustion.

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