Armstrong air furnace high limit switch

The high-limit switch is designed to save energy and make the furnace more efficient.

The high-limit switch is designed to stop the furnace from running when it gets too hot. This switch is usually located in the blower compartment of an air handler. When there is no contact with this device, the furnace will continue running until it reaches a certain temperature or time. There have been some cases where homeowners have had their furnaces stop working and they did not know why. In this situation, a good way to find out why it stopped working would be to check whether the high-limit switch was engaged so that you can fix it if necessary.

This is a switch that is installed for safety reasons when a high-temperature limit is exceeded.

The high-limit switch is designed to turn off the burner when the temperature in the furnace reaches a certain point.

The switch is turned on by a magnetic field when it is in proximity to cold ferrous metal. It turns off when it is disrupted by a warm ferrous metal coming into contact with it. It can be mounted anywhere in the furnace as long as there are combustibles nearby.

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