Worcester boiler error code 63

A Worcester boiler can provide people with some warmth at a low cost, but certain errors need to be fixed with care. If you have received the “steam is unavailable” error and can’t find an explanation for your “Worcester Boiler Error Code 63,” please follow these steps before calling out for professional help.
1) Reboot the machine.
2) Check that all of the logs are working properly and none is frozen.
3) Ensure that the water level has reached 70% of the maximum line in outside applications and 92% in inside ones.
4) Clear any obstructions around where steam escapes and ensure there’s not anything covering it up
5) Check to see if you see steam or if your pilot light has gone out.

Worcester boiler error code 63 is usually seen as an indication of a defective heating element.
Some Worcester boilers show the “error code 63” on start-up, service, or shutdown. It may also display a “63” when the boiler is not in operation. A faulty heating element can often be indicated by error code 63.
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