Worcester Bosch error code 227

In this post, we’re going to answer some questions about what error 227 means, how it can happen and why it happens most of the time.
What does “A-Z Control Functions” in error 227 mean?
212 is a code for not reaching a particular heating sequence and code 227 is displayed when one of the row valve position values is out of valid ranges or the sensor check has failed.
Worcester-Bosch combi boilers are well-known for their reliability. They often do not present any problems as is the case with many other brands of boilers without a traditional system.
Worcester’s faulty boiler is known to have an error 227 that gets generated when any of the water tanks are broken.
The fault with tank class 2 D9 and D10 can be interferer by pressing a few buttons on the control panel or using Worcester’s app.
Error 227 is automatically issued by the boiler if it detects there is too much air in the water.
The paper indicator tells when there is no more paper in the machine. If the paper inhibitor crumples outside of the feed box then error 227 will be issued. The outlet valve (OPEN STEAM SERVICE VALVE STOP COOLING FILL HOT-GAS) must be lowered to OPEN; then an ON button needs to be pressed to stop pilot lights and release air pressure with a further OFF button on.
Worcester Bosch Combispace is a slim wall-mounted boiler that has a central heating, hot water, and condensing boiler fed by two heat exchangers.
This problem occurs when the product has supplied water for a set time from starting the cycle and then switched back off to cool down. The gauge may show 227 which tells you that this isn’t actually an error but instead it shows that the product is about to heat up for another session.

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