Location of the flame sensor on Armstrong furnaces

Armand has two flame sensors. One is the primary sensor, and it’s located on the burners up front. The secondary sensor is located at the rear of the burner compartment.
This device detects both low and high fuel conditions, as well as abnormal flame conditions.
A dual sensor system is recommended for best fire protection because it provides an early warning of an abnormal condition or a possible fire danger with a single point of failure
The flame sensor on an Armstrong furnace is mounted in the rear wall of the furnace or on the burner housing.
The flame sensor detects whether there is a flame present. If the sensor doesn’t detect a flame, it shuts down the gas valve and safety pilot.

This section is about the location of the flame sensor on Armstrong furnaces.
The flame sensor is located at the lower part of the furnace, right next to where the ducting enters it.
This section has an intro about the flame sensor on a specific type of furnace.A flame sensor is used to detect the presence of a flame in the furnace. It is usually mounted on the side or front of the heat exchanger. For example, if you are looking for an Armstrong #38671-521 Flame Sensor, you would find it on the left side of your unit as you are facing it.
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The flame sensor on an Armstrong furnace is located in the combustion chamber.


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